Important informations about our breeding

Alba Regia Burmese Cattery located in Hungary. European burmese kittens in all colour, specialised for red and creme. 
Member of FIFe and Felis Hungarica.

We are proud to have been a professional cattery for more than two decades. We are dedicated to only one breed, the European Burmese, the breed we are in love with for a reason. 
We share most of our time with our cats, giving love and the best care we can. We are able to provide ample time, attention and space for our studs and nursing queens so that they can live a healthy and happy life.
It is very important for us, that we do not exploit our cats. We use extra caution that are females have more than enough time to regenerate between litters and they are retired from breeding as soon as we cannot gain new genetic information from mating, usually at the age of 3-4. In pursuit of excellence our goal is to make the breed we love so much more prefect in look, temper and health.
We also make significant investments in finding potential bloodlines not related to our cats to keep our gene pool as wide as possible which should be a must for each and every responsible breeder. We do not mass produce using the same matings to mill kittens for the purpose of generating merchandise.
Our goal is to make Burmese healthier, more beautiful and nice in temper, in one word to improve the breed within the limits of the official standard. Also, it is very important for us that our breeding efforts are under rigorous control by independent international experts, that is why we consider exhibitions, cat shows essential part of responsible breeding, that is why we travel abroad to show our precious Burmese babies. However, not all kittens can be engaged in the breeding process and of course we have our retired breeding cats who are also looking for loving forever homes as pets.
If you feel like we have too many questions to you, it is because we do care about our cats and want them the very best life. 

If you are looking for a show cat, let's make one thing clear. A show cat for us is a cat who is as close to the standard as possible with a little complement that catches the eye. They should also have the right temper. A show cat for us is a cat we would show ourselves. Yet, this is our opinion and we can give you no guarantee he / she will fulfill the expectations. What we can always guarantee is that our cats look in real life like in the photos, we do not manipulate photos to make them look better. You can be always sure you get their pedigrees show the real lines behind the particular cats.

We give you a life-long support and are there for you if you need any advice. 

All this is professional breeding for us

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