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We have available brown tortie adult burmese cats and blue tortie adult neutered burmese cat for lovely homes.

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We can organise the travel of our kittens to the new owners with flight or car.
Shipping prices in EU 100 – 900 €,
other countries: please send an e- mail
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Last update: 09 may 2021

Our kittens are lovingly raised in our home with our family, not in cages outdoors. This means your kitten will be well socialised, and have the temperament that Burmese Catsare so famous for. The health of our kittens is guaranteed for 5 days after collection from our cattery, we do ask that you keep your new kitten away from other cats during this time, as we have no way of knowing if the other cats carry any disease or illness…
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Alba Regia Pokemona & MiciCánk

Available: now

Blue tortie and brown tortie females