Alba Regia MiciCank & Pokemona

Alba Regia Pokemona

We have brown tortie & blue tortie adult burmese cat females available only for indoor home, only together. The girls are of course neutered, vaccinated, have pet passport, microchip. Sweet healthy big burmesecat females, both 4.5 years old. Contact >> Information about purchasing Alba Regia kittens >>     Keywords on this page: burmese, cat, . . .

WW05 GIC GIP Alba Regia Opium DSM

Alba Regia Opium

WW05 GIC GIP Alba Regia Opium DSM FIFe World Winner 2005 Biella (Italy) 09 march 2002 – 12 june 2014 lilac tortie burmese female The first World Winner in our cattery. Judit and Torta (nick name for Opium) Moment of celebrity 2005 Biella Girls 💕 Videos: 2005 Biella TV report (full hungarian)  

Alba Regia Hekk

Alba Regia Hekk

Alba Regia Hekk – brown tortie burmese neutered female We have a wonderful brown tortie girl Hekk. Hekk is 4.5 years old sweet and funny Burmese girl. Always happy, friendly darling 😊 She is not suitable as a single cat, she need a company. She will be happy for a friend, especially for a male . . .