WW16 WW13 SW17 SP SC Alba Regia Ganxsta Gustav JW DSM

WW16 WW13 SW17 SP SC Alba Regia Ganxsta Gustav JW DSM
BUR e – creme burmese neuter male

FIFe World Winner 2013, FIFe World Winner 2016, Scandinavian Winner 2017;
Supreme Premior; Supreme Champion; Junior Winner; Distinguished Show Merit,
grandson of Bubó
son of WW09 SC Alba Regia Orange Blossom JW
sire for:
WW15 Alba Regia Busy Bee
WW 16 GIC Alba Regia Nevad Yoki
WW14 SC NW Oscar (Mr Gus) Dandre&Cats DVM DSM
brother of:
WW13 SP Alba Regia Ganxsta Gizi
Pedigree >>
Today lives in Norway with Andrea and furry friends:
GustavSon; Krampusz; Roscoe; Showtime; Celia;
With Andrea at FIFe World Cat Show winning 2016 Vienna, Austria (pic by Madalin Tanase)

With Judit and Laca 2013 FIFe World Cat Show 2013 Aalborg, Denmark (pic by Pekka Savolainen)

The best pose for Gustav 😉

Really Star Wars fanatics ☺

Young master Yoda

Motorcycling with Laca

Ganxsta Gustav: The Force Awakens

Ganxsta Gustav: The serious male

Pictures from Andrea:

Gustav in bed

Gustav and Celia (devon rex)

Gustav, Celia and Krampusz (brown burmese)

Gustav, Celia and GustavSon (lilac burmese)